Snowmagnet kleuren en materialen

De Snowsound® producten zijn opgebouwd uit polyester vezels met verschillende dichtheden bekleed met een brandvertragende Trevira CS stof die verkrijgbaar is in de onderstaande 14 kleuren. Trevira CS staat bekend om zijn kleurechtheid en slijtvastheid, ook na intensief gebruik. 

De volgende Snowmagnet panelen zijn verkrijgbaar in de onderstaande kleuren:
44 x 75 cm. | 44 x 119 cm. | 44 x 139 cm. |44 x 159 cm. | 44 x 179 cm.
59 x 59 cm. | 59 x 75 cm. | 59 x 119 cm. | 59 x 159 cm.
119 x 119 cm. | 119 x 159 cm.

4086 Baksteenrood

6075 Petrolblauw

4027 Rood

8004 Zilvergrijs

6046 Lichtblauw

0001 Wit

8007 Donkergrijs

4030 Oranje

2005 Taupe

3008 Geel

1008 Beige

7004 Lichtgroen

De volgende Snowmagnet panelen zijn ook verkrijgbaar in de kleuren 8002 Koel wit en 8033 Zwart:
44 x 119 cm. | 44 x 159 cm.
59 x 119 cm. | 59 x 159 cm.
119 x 119 cm. | 119 x 159 cm.

8002 Koel wit

8033 Zwart

De volgende Snowmagnet panelen zijn verkrijgbaar in de onderstaande kleuren:
59 x 179 cm.

8004 Zilvergrijs

8007 Donkergrijs

6046 Lichtblauw

Trevira CS

Comfort and safety, the two most important requirements in home textiles were first successfully combined in 1980: with flame retardant Trevira fibres and yarns. Textiles made from these fibres and yarns bear the trademark Trevira CS and are permanently flame retardant. Unlike fabrics that receive a surface treatment at a later stage, Trevira CS textiles offer long-term security.

This small but decisive difference results from the chemical structure of the polyester fibre. In the shape of a comonomer – a phosphor-organic compound, where the flame retardant properties are firmly anchored in the fibre. It is not possible for external influences to affect them.

Fibres given an additional flame protection finish (right) can lose the protection as a result of wear, age or frequent washing. Flame retardant Trevira fibres (left) are inherently flame retardant. For this reason materials made from these fibres and filament yarns are likewise permanently flame retardant.This is an important argument from the ecological aspect as well. Apart from their environmentally friendly manufacture materials in Trevira CS require no additional fire protection treatment, such as normally combustible materials need.  Treatments of this kind are harmful to the environment. Flame retardant Trevira fibres and filaments are, furthermore, certified to Oekotex 100 Standard. In comparative terms only very slight amounts of toxic fumes develop in the event of a fire. This is particularly important, since in a fire the danger of suffocation from smoke fumes is greater than the risk of injury from flames.

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